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General Donation

Donate to the GWCT

Be part of our wildlife revival and help us reverse the decline in wildlife populations before it is too late.


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Game Management

Help fight misinformation

Support our attempts to spread the positive message about game management and fight misinformation.


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Allerton Project

Support our vital research

Help our scientists continue to research the effects of different farming methods on wildlife and the environment.


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Predator Control Appeal

Help us show the impact

If we lose the management tools to control predators effectively, numbers of some species could reach historic lows.


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Conservation and shooting

Support us as we attempt to accurately assess the net contribution that shooting makes to the British countryside.


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Woodcock Appeal

Support our tagging project

Our pioneering project has captured the imagination and is helping us learn more about the elusive woodcock.


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2014/5 Gun Draw Tickets

Win guns worth £14,250

Win a beautiful pair of guns worth £14,750 and raise money to prove the conservation value of shooting. Read more...


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Hopper Appeal

Protect game & songbirds

49% of the grain in gamebird feed hoppers is wasted on unwanted species, help us change this.


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Songbird Appeal

Save our songbirds

We need to find out how to use farmland conservation areas more effectively to help save our songbirds.


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Salmon Appeal

Help boost salmon numbers

Atlantic salmon numbers have dropped by 70% in some areas. The aim of this project is to tell us why.

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Shoot Sweepstake

Raise money on your shoot

A  simple yet effective way of raising money to support the important scientific work we do at the GWCT. 


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Lapwing Appeal

Help us learn more

Transform the prospects of the lapwing and many other declining species in the British countryside.


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Leaving a Legacy

A gift for life

Leaving a legacy to the GWCT to help with the environmental cause could be the greatest feather in your cap.


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GWCT Credit Card

An easy way to support us

Find out how you can raise vital funds for the GWCT at no extra cost each time you make a purchase.


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Shop with easyfundraising

Donate as you shop

Shop at over 2,700 leading websites with easyfundraising and we receive a donation at no extra cost to you.


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