Please fill in only those boxes for which you have information. We do not expect you to change your recording methods to accommodate this form, so please leave blank any parts that are not relevant to you.

Shoot area: select acres (ac) or hectares (ha) please.

Please check that the total shoot area, area of moorland and area of woodland are correctly given. The total area will always be at least as great as the sum of woodland and moorland areas. Please fill any blanks, correct any errors, and write down any changes.


This refers to the number of full-time employees. Part-time keepers, weekenders and others should be counted as ½. Please complete if blank, correct any errors, and write down any changes.

Period covered: 12 months ending 1st February this year

Late-season hare and pigeon shoots (i.e. in February or March) should also be included.

Numbers shot, trapped or killed

Game and predator records should refer to the total numbers killed on the shoot (code column left blank).

Example: A total of 136 red grouse bagged over the last season
Red grouse

If complete totals are not available for some species, please add one of the following two-letter codes:

NC – Not Complete: Some of the animals killed are not counted, so the total reported is not complete.

Example 1: 45 rats were shot/trapped, others (number unknown) poisoned
Brown rat
Example 2: 125 rabbits were shot on shoot days, not tallied at other times

PR – Present: The species was present but not killed (bag total column left blank).

Example: Brown hares were present on the area, none was shot
Brown hare

UN – Unknown: The species was killed but the number killed is unknown (bag total column left blank).

Example: Woodpigeons were controlled but not recorded

Bag structure (pheasant, grey partridge, red grouse)

Wild birds only: please provide any available data on numbers of cocks/hens (pheasants) or old/young (grey partridge, red grouse), even if only part of the bag was sexed or aged. If you tagged pheasants before release and separated wild from reared birds for some or all of the bag, please also give the breakdown of wild/reared birds.

Numbers released (pheasant, grey partridge, red-legged partridge, mallard)

If hand-reared birds have been released for shooting, please give the number released for each relevant species.

Shoot days

Please give the number of driven days and walked-up days, for upland game (e.g. grouse, mountain hare) and lowland game (e.g. pheasant, partridge, brown hare) separately.


Refers only to wild polecats, please do not include escaped ferrets or ferret/polecat crosses even though some may be feral.