Rewilding on the menu at Scottish Game Fair

Rewilding DiscussionRory Kennedy of Chiene + Tait will be chairing an exciting breakfast event at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair at Scone, Friday 1st July.

Rory will be chairing a discussion about the opportunities and challenges presented by rewilding, and from different land-use perspectives. Obviously the subject has become synonymous with land reform however the aim is to separate the two and examine areas where rewilding can exist in parallel with existing commercial land use.

Rewilding is a broad term with emotive connotations. While the subject of lynx reintroduction is hugely divisive, the other end of the spectrum is existing agri-environment schemes. It is likely that the long term future of our grant regime will be weighted increasingly towards ecosystem services rather than the historical basis of food production. The economic, social and biodiversity issues surrounding rewilding and related initiatives will provide plenty of grounds for lively debate.

A great line up of speakers and panellists have been assembled, including:

  • David Balharry, Scotland Director, Rewilding Britain
  • Andrew Gilruth, Director of Communications, GWCT
  • Alex Stoddart, Director, Scottish Association for Country Sports
  • Stuart Brooks, Chief Executive, John Muir Trust
  • Jamie Stewart, Director, Scottish Countryside Alliance

The agricultural sector will also be represented.

The discussion will take place at 9.30am at the Members’ Enclosure at the Game Fair. We anticipate this event will be popular, so if you’d like to attend please secure your place by emailing marketing@chiene.co.uk.

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at 10:53 on 28/06/2016 by Patrick Cosgrove

Read Wolf Border by Sarah Hall, a terrific novel based on a scheme to reintroduce wolves to the north of England.

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