Courses and Training Days

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust offers a variety of courses and training days aimed at the managers of the countryside - farmers, gamekeepers and other land management practitioners.

Booking a course

All courses are run on demand. The list of current planned courses can be viewed on our Events Calendar here.

If your required course is not listed on the Events Calendar please contact our Advisory Services Department ( or call 01425 651013) to register your interest and we will look into arranging this course for you.

Course list 

  • Fox control, inc fox restraints and best practice plus predation control law
  • Fox control at night and best practice
  • Tunnel trapping, incl predation control law and best practice
  • Corvid control, incl predation control law and best practice
  • Mink control, incl predation control law and best practice

Game management

  • Young shooters course
  • Part-time gamekeepers course
  • Rat control for gamekeepers
  • Grey Partridge management
  • Black Grouse conservation
  • Best practice heather burning in Scotland


  • BASIS certificate in conservation management
  • Water vole re-introduction
  • Identifying farmland birds
  • Restoring rare arable flowers
  • Bringing wildlife to your back door
  • Environmental stewardship
  • The brown hare – ecology, management and conservation
  • Managing woodland for butterflies, game and other wildlife


  • Management of wild trout
  • Management of juvenile trout and salmon
  • Fishery stocking
  • Electro-fishing
  • Gravel cleaning
  • Predator control

All Fisheries Courses are run by the GWCT Salmon & Trout Research Centre based in Dorset. For more information on a Fisheries course please contact:

GWCT Salmon & Trout Research Centre
01929 401894

Testimonials from people who have attended our courses

"There is a wealth of information packed into this inspiring one-day course, not least about the [grey partridge] itself, which is extraordinary." - Shooting Times

"All in all, it was a very enjoyable day and a great introduction to game management and the associated benefits."

"My son thoroughly enjoyed the young shooters day and was equipped with skills and knowledge about the countryside that he will never forget."

"I greatly enjoyed the Part-time keepers course and I learnt a number of useful things. The advice was excellent, clear to understand and applicable to many shoots."