In Memoriam donations

PoppiesWe are very grateful for In Memoriam donations towards our continual and much-needed work of safeguarding the future of the British countryside.

Funeral collections

The scheme works for anybody who organises a collection in memory of a loved one. Pre-printed envelopes can be provided for collections, or you can download a form to print yourself - simply amend it with the name of your loved one.

Online donations

Donations from groups of friends are equally eligible and can be made below.

Of course, we will make sure that the donation is fully tracked and we will inform you of how it is being used to support our work. In addition, should the donation be intended for a specific project, this can also be attributed to the memory of a loved one.

If you would like to know more about our In Memoriam scheme, please call Heather Acors on 01425 651024 or email

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