Current Appeals

Please support our vital conservation work

Below are the important projects that currently require support. Please give what you can to help our scientists continue their vital wildlife conservation work.

General Donation

Donate to the GWCT

Please support our vital conservation work during these difficult times by giving what you can today.

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British Woodcock Appeal

Time is running out

The coming years will be vitally important for woodcock. Now is the time for us to show our support.

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Unleash the Science

Urgent appeal

With your support we will undertake leading research, challenge misinformation and promote what works..

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Help us come back stronger

Please give what you can

GWCT CEO Teresa Dent CBE is asking for you to help the Trust come out of the pandemic even stronger.

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General Licences for 2020

Let us inform the debate

Help fund our challenging work to ensure that those in charge listen not only to the science, but also to the reality on the ground. 

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Wader Tracking Appeal

Support our wading birds

Help us understand what’s happening to our curlew, lapwing and woodcock by joining our biggest tracking project yet. 

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The Fox Appeal

Support the voice of reason

Please support this work so that the people managing our countryside have the best chance of making a difference. 

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The Untold Story

Help us get the message out

The public aren’t being told about the vital work being done in the British countryside. You can change that today. 

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Sea Trout Appeal

What's happening at sea?

Our sea trout are in serious trouble with stocks at historic lows. Help us to understand what happens to trout at sea. 

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Curlew Appeal

Help us reverse the decline

Curlew have declined by 60% in the UK since the 1970s. Help us lead the way toward their recovery. 

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Conservation Policy Appeal

Support our revolution

This is a once in a generation opportunity - with your help, we can make a real difference to conservation policy. 

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Auchnerran Demo Farm

New demonstration farm

Support our new Scottish demonstration farm and help us show how farm income and wildlife can be compatible. 

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Allerton Project

Support our vital research

Help our scientists continue to research the effects of different farming methods on wildlife and the environment. 

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Pheasant Research

Help provide the science

Support us in our efforts to improve the conservation benefits that pheasant releasing can provide. 

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Predator Control Appeal

Help us show the impact

If we lose the management tools to control predators effectively, numbers of some species could reach historic lows. 

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