Leaving a Legacy

LegacypageWe recognise leaving a legacy as a supreme act of commitment to the environmental cause, and a statement of trust in our work. Making the most of this to benefit the natural world is a responsibility we take very seriously. A legacy can often constitute the most substantial gift that an individual might make. And it will not get in the way of making sure that your family comes first. Nor do you have to be rich to leave a legacy.

We also offer an In Memoriam scheme for anybody who would like to make a single donation or a series of donations in the future.

Why not consider becoming a GWCT Honorary Fellow? No donation is necessary and there is no membership fee either. Honorary Fellows are individuals who have mentioned (or intend to mention) the Trust in their Will.

Join us for a complimentary tour of one of our most prestigious projects

Gifts in wills help us to save and protect wildlife for future generations to enjoy. When you become an Honorary Fellow by making a gift in your Will to our work, you will be invited to a special annual event where you can hear presentations from our different projects such as Allerton, the Salmon Research Centre and the Black Grouse Recovery Project. You will also be able to meet like-minded individuals and ask us any questions you may have about our work.

Our scientists and researchers present the findings of their work without prejudice or bias

Our work includes research into predators like corvids, mink and foxes. We are looking at areas where deer populations are having an adverse effect on local fauna and flora. And we are studying why wader birds that are nationally in decline are thriving on grouse moors. We are asking tough questions and coming up with innovative, pioneering, practical answers. Professor Nick Sotherton, Director of Research, says: “We conduct more than 60 research studies at any one time, and our findings influence policy all over the UK.”

The value of good science has been proven time and again. We have shown how game management helps not just pheasants and partridges but also helps birds like finches, warblers, robins and wrens in the countryside.

Our Allerton Project at Loddington has been famously successful, improving farming and conservation methods in ways that are now being adopted all over the country.

We have helped protect national stocks of salmon and trout for fishing.

And the Trust’s research into ‘beetle banks’ is now helping farmers control pests without the need for as much spraying. It is the destiny of the Trust’s Honorary Fellows to help safeguard these things. Legacy gifts make an enormous difference to the future of the Trust – and they are also exempt from inheritance tax, of course. We do hope you will want a cause you have supported in your lifetime to continue to benefit from your concern. It could, perhaps, be one of your greatest achievements.

If you would like to know more about leaving a legacy, please call James Swyer on 01425 651021 or email legacies@gwct.org.uk.

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