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The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust conducts scientific research into Britain’s game and wildlife management and the effects of farming and other land management practices on the environment.

The Advisory team plays an important role in disseminating this applied practical research to the managers of the countryside via a series of events and visits held throughout the country, including training courses and face-to-face visits.

These events cover a broad range of topics giving farmers, gamekeepers and other practitioners in the land management sector the specialist advice and confidence required to make the right decisions every day. Topics include:

  • Best practice predation control techniques
  • Sustainable management of released pheasants
  • Grey partridge conservation
  • Identifying farmland birds
  • Managing woodland for butterflies, game and other wildlife
  • The GWCT shoot biodiversity assessment service

Advisory and educational events

Our advisors run the following events:

Face-to-face visits
A one-to-one visit to your farm or estate to advise you on any game and wildlife issues that are specific to you and your land. Read More

Courses and training days
A series of courses are run throughout the year on a wide range of topics, including game management, biodiversity and conservation. View our list of courses and training days

Training the next generation of land managers

We also strive to inform and educate the next generation of land managers through our tertiary education and training programmes, which includes lecturing at universities and colleges.

Are you interested in having an advisor visit your college or university? Contact us

Meet our Advisors

Our Advisory team is highly experienced across all land management disciplines. Meet our team and read about how they may be able to help you.