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Salmon & Sea Trout

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95% of our salmon and sea trout die at sea. We need to know how many die in estuaries and coastal waters.


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It is widely accepted that there has been a global decline in Atlantic Salmon and our Salmon & Trout Research Centre at East Stoke in Dorset monitors this decline using a fish counter which was first installed in 1973. It is one of the most comprehensive records of salmon movement in England and Wales.


The GWCT advisory team answers some frequently asked questions about electro-fishing best practices.

Poole Harbour research

Working in collaboration with licensed salmon nets in Poole Harbour to study the survival of salmon from net fisheries.

Salmon research reports

A brief summary of the research carried out on the salmon populations of the River Frome, Dorset over the past year.


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Read all the very latest news from the GWCT fisheries research team and discover their most recent findings.

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