Become a Sponsor

Working in partnership for a better countryside

As Britain’s leading wildlife research charity, the Trust is uniquely placed to offer your company superb national and regional sponsorship opportunities.


Opportunities include joint funding of research projects including major environmental initiatives alongside Defra and other organisations, events and educational activities, which take place throughout the year and across the country.

We are incredibly grateful to all those who support the GWCT by way of sponsorship. Many of our county events would not be possible without the generosity and support from the local business community. Sponsorship of local events can vary from a main headline sponsor to sponsorship of clay stands, menus, wine, invitations and mail-outs to our membership. Our sponsors tell us that they enjoy entertaining and meeting new clients at our events, and value the reputation and goodwill endorsed by championing a prestigious countryside charity that supports their industry, be it agricultural, property, estate management or game.

The Trust is synonymous with excellence and inspiration - we strive for this in every aspect of our work - and especially with our corporate partnerships. We will tailor a package to suit your organisation’s specific needs, which, building on the feel-good factor for your clients, customers and staff can include first class hospitality possibilities, joint PR activity and the opportunity for distinctive marketing campaigns and the means to target new audiences.

We would sincerely like to thank those who offer patronage to the Trust on a national basis through sponsorship and auction lot donations – your support is hugely important to us and we look forward to continuing the relationship.

If you would like to discuss current sponsorship opportunities and how working in partnership with the Trust can help your organisation, please contact: