Face to Face Advice

Providing tailored advice to farmers, gamekeepers and land managers nationwide

Our team of well-respected regional advisors can provide a one-to-one visit to your farm or estate to advise you on any game and wildlife issues that are specific to you and your land. Our advisors have a wealth of experience having surveyed millions of hectares and base their advice on the research produced by our team of 70 Trust researchers and scientists working on game and wildlife projects.

Carried out at a time to suit you and your team, these bespoke visits provide advice on a wide range of subjects including:

  • Help with farm design to improve your game and wildlife conservation, including declining species
  • Increasing the efficiency of your game rearing, shoot management and shoot costs
  • Grouse and moorland management to improve your grouse productivity
  • Accommodate both game and wildlife in your shoot and combine maximum wild production with the most sustainable and cost effective releasing systems
  • Identify biodiversity gain from your shoot and how to improve this with a Shoot Biodiversity Assessment
  • Controlling and preventing disease
  • Release densities
  • Woodland management
  • Predator control - best practice and the most cost effective methods
  • Available grants and stewardship schemes to generate farm income and help game
  • Cover crops
  • Creating a fishery

All face to face visits are tailored to your exact requirements.

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FacetofaceIs there a subject that you would like advice on that is not listed here? Then contact one of our advisors to discuss how we might be able to create a bespoke package for you.

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