Book an advisory visit

To arrange a visit, contact your local advisor:

  • Roger Draycott, Head of Advisory and Eastern and Northern England Advisor
    Tel: 01440 821325
    Mobile: 07879 443159
  • Mike Swan, Head of Education and Southern England and Wales Advisor
    Tel: 01425 651020
    Mobile: 07801 413209
  • Hugo Straker, Scotland and Ireland Advisor
    Tel: 01620 830230
    Mobile: 07713 074147
  • Jessica Brooks, Farmland Biodiversity Advisor, Southern England
    Tel: 01425 651053
    Mobile: 07494 904512
  • Austin Weldon, Game & Wildlife Advisor, Central England
    Tel: 01425 651069
    Mobile: 07775 853925

Alternatively contact the Advisory Office at Fordingbridge on 01425 651013 (mornings), or email

Game & Wildlife Conservation Trading Ltd is a company limited by guarantee (registered no 1503620, VAT Reg No 323 7013 94) which carries out trading and advisory activities and some fundraising events for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. Registered in England and Wales. Registered Office: Burgate Manor, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 1EF

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