Benefits of a visit

An advisory visit can help make your business more efficient

With less reliance on wild game production, achieving the optimal performance from reared game becomes a priority. Controlling disease, predators and other management issues, are essential, the advisory service can offer valuable assistance on these issues.

An advisory visit can help you access new sources of revenue

Our research contributes strongly to current agri-environment schemes, providing benefits to birds and wild flowers, as well as game and other wildlife. Tailored advice is available regarding woodland grants and agri-environment schemes.

An advisory visit will help improve conservation of our natural heritage

Woodcock, wildfowl and reversing declines in brown hares, grouse and wild grey partridges are regional priorities. Our advisors will help you with the design of your farm to maximise local game and conservation species.

An advisory visit helps reverse the decline of Action Plan species

Focused GWCT advice at many sites around the country demonstrate how improvements to habitat and management, can increase numbers of Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species, such as black grousegrey partridgebrown hare and water vole.

Advisory visits are tailored to your own personal requirements

Carried out on your land, at a time to suit you and your team, specific to your problems. Our advisory service aims to help you improve habitats for pheasants, partridge, red and black grouse, duck ponds and other game and wildlife.

Your regional advisor will help with:

  • Giving you suggestions and replies to your immediate questions
  • Regular management plans
  • Professional reports
  • Tailored advisory packages
  • Continual advice package as required
  • Shoot cost analysis
  • Disease testing - prevention and control

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