The bulk of Britain's countryside is used for farming and forestry - only a very small fraction is managed as nature reserve. Therefore to increase biodiversity across the country we need to encourage conservation on a wide scale and integrate it with growing crops, rearing livestock and producing timber.  

Managing game for shooting and fishing provides motive and money to diversify habitats, reduce pollution, supplement scarce food supplies, and control numbers of some common pests and predators. In this way  farms, woodlands and rivers become better places for many plants and animals in addition to game species. This principle of sustainable use is enshrined in Articles 6 & 10 of the International Convention on Biological Diversity (1992).

Conservation and wise use

How investment in wildlife management ameliorates the effects of intensive farming to improve the countryside.

Bovine tuberculosis

A fresh approach is needed. But there remains uncertainty about whether culling or vaccinating badgers is the best approach.

Fox snares

Snares risk poor welfare. Therefore, the GWCT considers it essential that operators always use them responsibly.


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