Consultation Responses

By responding to government and conservation agency consultations we help them develop policies that are sympathetic to conservation in the countryside.

Our participation often leads us to become involved in regular stakeholder dialogues to iron out differences in approach to controversial issues.

Name Type
Tree Strategy (Sep 2020) pdf 0.19 MB Download
England Peat Strategy Engagement (Jul 2020) pdf 0.23 MB Download
ELMS Consultation (Jul 2020) pdf 0.19 MB Download
6th Carbon Budget (Feb 2020) pdf 0.70 MB Download
Dasgupta Review On Economics Of Biodiversity (Nov 2019) pdf 0.86 MB Download
National Food Strategy (Oct 2019) pdf 0.76 MB Download
Invasive Alien Species (Sep 2019) pdf 0.73 MB Download
Defra Consultation into General Licences (May 2019) pdf 0.22 MB Download
Conservation Covenants (March 2019) pdf 0.59 MB Download
Health and Harmony (May 2018) pdf 0.67 MB Download

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