Scottish Government Ignores The Science To Confirm Ban On Humane Cable Restraints

Despite the GWCT and representatives of Scotland’s land management community giving evidence to the Rural Affairs and Islands Committee on the vital conservation need for the retention of HCRs under licence, Scottish Government intends to implement a full ban. Find out more here.

Sponsor a Songbird Feeder at Auchnerran

By supporting this initiative, you will not only be benefitting our songbirds at the GWCT Auchnerran Demonstration Farm, but also aiding scientific research on how to utilise feeders best, potentially benefitting songbird populations across the UK. Find out more and donate here.


Muirburn Advisory Service

Our new service supports estates in developing and monitoring user-friendly muirburn plans.

Best practice predation relief

The GWCT is recognised for up-to-date training on all aspects of humane predator control.

Who’s who in Scotland

Meet the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust's Scottish team and get in touch.

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