Captain PartridgeGWCT Scotland engages in a host of events with young people from across the country, promoting the conservation of game and wildlife with the use of practical science throughout the year.

We have hundreds of young visit our Education tent at the Scottish Game Fair each summer. 2018 saw the biggest tent yet, with eight different exhibitors including Julian Jardine, who drew in the crowds with his ceramic sculptures and workshops. Katrina Candy brought Captain Partridge to life in the giant birds nest. The GWCT put on a superb show of hands-on science with microscopes to look at a host of bugs, bird ID through feather recognition, baby quail, and partridge habitat study. We also had ferrets alongside the microscopic world of peatlands from the Peatland Action team. The butterfly bog squad brought their collection of locally caught critters, and SEFARI put on games linked to climate change and biodiversity.

School visitIn our tent at Moy Highland Game Fair we showcased some of the hands-on science that the GWCT does, including a closer look at bugs. Many had a particular fascination with the live spiders that wandered into our space, alongside bees with pollen on their legs and many other insects. The display helped us win the best open stand at the fair.

Working with RHET we host a number of farm visits. Pupils from Longforgan Primary School were part of the class invited to Redmyre as a result of one of their talented class members winning the GWCT Art Competition 2017. Read a full report on their day here. Tynewater Primary had a fantastic day out to Whitburgh, looking at predation control, crops, wild fowl and livestock from the back of an enormous trailer pulled by an enormous tractor, which was the highlight for many! Watch a video of their day here

MoyEvery autumn term across Perth and Kinross for the last 14 years we have run the GWCT Art Competition with the help of the council. We invite pupils from both primary and secondary schools in the area to submit a piece of art work depicting a ‘game or wildlife species from the British Isles relevant to the Trust’s work’. The creations are judged by local artists and councillors before the prestigious prize giving, a celebration of the great local talent. It is hoped that this project will be rolled out further afield in the coming years.

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