Schools Art Competition 2018

Thursday 29 November saw budding wildlife artists from across Perth and Kinross come together to celebrate their great work with family and friends at the AK Bell Library in Perth.

Pupils were asked to create a piece of art depicting a ‘game or wildlife species from the British Isles relevant to the Trust’s work’. The entries received covered a vast range of game and wildlife from across the British Isles in various forms. One school went out to collect stones which they then painted creatures on, some used autumnal leaves to depict pheasants, while others produced excellent creations on paper in a range of media.

The judging panel made up of representatives from Blackadders, Julian Jardine Art Studio, The Royal Highland Educational Trust (RHET) and Perth and Kinross Education department had a hard time choosing the winners. Suspense was built as individuals were invited to the prizegiving while not knowing where they would come.

Iona Laing, who organises the competition on behalf of the Trust, said: “It was brilliant to see the hard work and creativity from so many local young people.

“We really enjoyed seeing how the pupils engaged with the work that the Trust carries out and the game and wildlife of the British countryside. There was a great selection of red squirrels, curlews, pheasant, bees and lots more being submitted.”

It is with great thanks to the local teachers that we are able to run this competition; their efforts and enthusiasm is key to its success. Thank you also to Blackadders and the Basil D’eath Trust for their support.

Both our winners have really shown their talent by winning two years running, a great achievement. The overall winner for the Junior School Competition who was Prithvi Sudarshan from Longforgan Primary School with his incredibly detailed picture of a pheasant as shown below.

Prithvi Primary Winner

Overall Primary Winner

The overall winner for the Secondary Schools competition was Luisadh Leck from Pitlochry High School, who painted a lovely curlew standing in water as shown below.

Luisedeck Secondary Winner

Overall Secondary Winner

Well done to all those who entered the competition and learned more about Scotland’s game and wildlife. All the prizewinners’ entries are on display to the public in the AK Bell Library until 20 December.

Primary 1-3

Primary 1 3 Commended Primary 1 3 Commended Plus

Primary 1 3 Commended Primary 1 3 Winner

Primary 1 3 Runner Up

Primary 4-5

Primary 4 5 Commended 1 Primary 4 5 Commended

Primary 4 5 Runner Up Primary 4 5 Winner

Primary 4 5 Commended Plus

Primary 6-7


Overall Primary Winner -Prithvi Sudarshan (Longforgan Primary)

Overall Primary Winner - Prithvi Sudarshan (Longforgan Primary)

Primary 6 7 Commended Primary 6 7 Runner Up

Primary 6 7 Commended Plus

Primary 6 7 Commended


Overall Secondary Winner -Luisadh Leck (Pitlochry High)

Overall Seconday Winner - Luisadh Leck (Pitlochry High)

Secondary Commended 1 Secondary Commended

Secondary Commended Plus Secondary Runner Up

Secondary Commended Secondary Runner Up Plus Secondary Commended

Secondary Commended


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