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About Us

Who we are and what we stand for

We are a leading UK charity conducting conservation science to enhance the British countryside for public benefit. For over 80 years we have been researching and developing game and wildlife management techniques. We use our research to provide training and advice on how best to improve the biodiversity of the countryside.

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  • Ground-nesting birds on moorland

    Ground-nesting birds on moorland

    Ending grouse moor management risks declines and possible local extinctions of a range of ground-nesting bird species, a new study has revealed.

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  • Latest science in plain English

    Latest science in plain English

    Read our plain English summaries of our latest published scientific reports, distilling the conservation research into digestible features.

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  • Latest on AIHTS

    Latest on AIHTS

    Defra has confirmed how implementation of AIHTS will be carried out and set a deadline for withdrawal of stoat traps that have not met the required humaneness tests.

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  • Code of Good Shooting Practice

    Code of Good Shooting Practice

    The Code of Good Shooting Practice has been updated for 2017, setting out the best practice in game conservation, shoot management and the behaviour of participants.

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  • All-Party Parliamentary Group

    All-Party Parliamentary Group

    The All-Party Parliamentary Game and Wildlife Conservation Group invites MPs and members of the House of Lords for discussions aimed at helping them navigate topical rural subjects.

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Find out about the great work being done north of the border by GWCT Scotland.

GWCT Wales is raising awareness of conservation and game management in the country.

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