Scotland: Muirburn Advisory Service

Merlin muirburnAs the Scottish Government has declared that muirburn will only be permitted under licence from NatureScot, regardless of the time of year it is undertaken, muirburn plans will become an essential component for any estate wishing to carry out muirburn in future.

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust recognises the importance of muirburn as a land management and conservation tool and last year launched our Muirburn Advisory Service to support estates in developing and monitoring simple, user-friendly muirburn plans.

We can provide specialist advice to help evaluate and manage risk of harm to the environment from muirburn activities and ensure that management complies with best practice and meets any statutory restrictions.

The service offers a number of bespoke options, from providing mapping and monitoring of muirburn activities to developing more comprehensive muirburn plans.

Prices start at £788+VAT. For more information, please visit our Scottish Advisory pages or contact one of our advisors at hstraker@gwct.org.uk or nhesford@gwct.org.uk.


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