Lowground Technical Services

A bespoke advisory package for lowground shoots and land managers

Farmers with Alex Butler Our Lowground Technical Services (LTS) provides a new model of advice for lowground shoot managers. Combining direct input from our research and advisory team, this service will be particularly relevant to those shoots wishing to combine maximum wild production with the most sustainable and cost effective releasing systems.

Compared with 20 years ago, the demands placed on shoot management are diverse. Providing testing high-flying birds at low cost remains a core objective, but today the effective management of disease and maximising wild productivity from released birds are new and important objectives. For others, the renaissance of the wild grey partridge and pheasant as a sporting quarry, based on our management prescriptions and provided through current agri-environment schemes, makes significant wild production a realistic objective.

Following on from the launch of our Grouse Technical Services in 2009; which was aimed at providing the grouse moor manager with a bespoke combination of research and management options to improve grouse productivity, our new LTS offers an entire package of advice, training and monitoring to help you fulfil your shoot’s potential to accommodate both game and wildlife. At its core this combines a range of techniques, once the preserve of the research scientist, which are now available for the shoot manager. As worm counting, medicated grit and population monitoring have now become central to grouse management, effective low ground management can also benefit from our expertise and management techniques covering hen condition, the effect of parasites and the detailed assessment of key habitats, using agri-environment schemes, for wild game production.

This service complements our long-standing Advisory Service which, over 50 years, has visited thousands of shoots and estates in the UK and abroad. Uniquely, however, it provides a package of up-to-date, targeted advice, particularly where wild game production is an important objective.


Available on application.

How to Book

For more information please contact our Advisory Services Department on 01425 651013 or advisory@gwct.org.uk.