Best practice training for snaring, cage trapping, lamping and tunnel trapping

The past few years have seen ever increasing complexity in the licensing and legal regulations governing predator control techniques with the Animal Welfare Act (2006), Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 and the Nature Conservation Scotland Act 2004 in particular throwing up new questions and creating grey areas.

To address this, our best practice courses seek to ensure that predator control is carried out according to all the relevant legal requirements and best practice codes, in a way that minimises attempted prosecution and, should it occur, provide the best defence in court.

The half-day modules offered are:

  • Lamping
  • Cage trapping for corvids (including multi-catch crow cages)
  • Tunnel trapping

Each course covers the legal aspects, the methods employed including equipment required and best practice, practical hints and tips and an outdoor demonstration. At the end there is a short test which if passed will result in a Certificate of Attendance.

In Scotland, training in the use of snares became obligatory in 2010. The Trust, in partnership with SGA and BASC, can provide accredited fox and rabbit snare training. Please contact our Scottish Headquarters at or call 01738 551511.

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