5 things to get done on your shoot this summer

SummershootWe may be in the midst of a heatwave but there is still much work to be done on your shoot...

1. Check release pens

Make sure you check that your pheasant pens are ready at least a week before your poults arrive, so that there is plenty of time for last-minute repairs.

2. Check for predators

Remember to have a good look for predator activity inside, as well as checking the fence – you would not be the first person to shut birds in with a fox already in residence.

3. Check cover crops

Take a close look at your cover crops at least once a week. What looks green and healthy from the distance could well be being choked by weeds.

4. Move feeders

Make sure you periodically move feeders, to avoid creating disease hotspots for game and wildlife

5. Feeding flight ponds

Do not overfeed flight ponds – rotting food can pollute the water and harm fish and other wildlife.

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