My Ark for Nature: guest blog by Kate Sainsbury

My Ark for Nature is an interactive, pop-up exhibition of Scottish wildlife art by noted wild-life artist, Jonathan Sainsbury, in collaboration with Inverness Cathedral, aided by environmental charities.

This Perthshire-based artist, a Signature member of the Society of Animal Artists, is widely respected in wildlife and contemporary art circles. His work has been bought by leading wildlife collectors and museums internationally. His hallmark is the detail and variety of his work, his knowledge of his subject and his skilful handling of paint.

Ark For Nature

Jonathan built the Ark as a wooden display space for the inaugural BBC Countryfile Live event. For him, wildlife art celebrates nature and is an aspect of conservation. His intention was that the Ark for Nature would be lively and exciting, showing pictures of birds and animals and the landscapes they inhabit, engaging children and adult visitors alike, to notice the beauty in what is all around us and to see the need for people to get involved in caring for it.

The choice of Jonathan’s subject matter reflects concerns he shares with those charities: alongside the iconic red squirrel, crossbills, crested tits, wild cat of the Abernethy Forest, are corn buntings, corncrakes, hares, curlews, black grouse, as well as woodcock, grey partridge, pheasant and other game species.

The Ark is a gallery, displaying Jonathan’s original watercolours and oils, prints and cards for sale - yet it is more: it offers a glimpse behind the scenes into a wildlife art studio where visitors can read the poems that inspire Jonathan, study his sketchbooks, watch Jonathan drawing and painting, ask him questions, share their own stories about nature. Charities are providing free materials for visitors to take away.

The Ark will be installed in the Lady Chapel in the historic nineteenth-century Inverness Cathedral, for just under a week, from 2-7th June, open to the public daily, free of charge, weekdays 9.30 - 5.30pm, Sunday 1-6pm.

Groups are welcome.

There is ramped access into the exhibition space and plentiful parking near the cathedral, including spaces for disabled drivers in the grounds. The cathedral cafe is open daily.

For enquiries, please contact organiser Kate Sainsbury 01764 679011 / 07515 709 179 or visit www.jonathansainsbury.com.




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