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The UK has enjoyed a boost in popularity for the greatly loved sport of driven shooting in recent years. However, with the surge in supply, it is imperative the demand follow, which has presented a challenge for shoots to put a system in place to ensure this. Well aware of the serious consequences of failing to stimulate and supply a game market in the UK, The Game Fair is actively supporting an enterprise that has already made the shooting community sit up and listen, called the British Game Alliance (BGA).

The Game Fair returns to Ragley Hall for the fourth time this summer from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 July. The three-day festival of the great British countryside celebrates its 60th anniversary this year and organisers predict a bumper attendance; the perfect platform to promote the newly formed BGA.

The BGA has been established to act as the official marketing board for game meat in the UK. The BGA will operate a ‘British Game' assurance scheme, which will advertise to game consumers, guns and the public that shoots are operating within the BGA's standards. A not-for-profit organisation, the BGA will act on behalf of the shooting community's best interest, and The Game Fair is proud to have this organisation as an exhibitor this year.

Tom Adams, who previously worked for GunsOnPegs, is heading up the initiative, and considers The Game Fair and the BGA to be organisations that must be inherently linked. He commented: “The BGA needs a voice and what better way to get our message out to the shooting community, as well as those not directly associated but affiliated with our world than The Game Fair. The Game Fair goes hand in hand with the continuation and survival of our sport so like all of us with a vested interest it is vital they are behind the BGA to help secure our future. We have taken a stand at The Game Fair to give shoots and supporters the opportunity to come and speak to the BGA and ask further questions as its imperative all shoots of all sizes understand how we work and what we will be doing on their behalf to continue to safeguard their sport and business.”

The Game Fair feels equally as positive and enthusiastic about hosting the BGA this year, and are also looking forward to an exciting discussion that will feature many of these topics around game surplus and what needs to be done.

The Game Fair’s managing director ,James Gower, added: "We are proud to support the BGA in their inaugural year. We feel that as we are the arena for celebrating the British countryside, The Game Fair provides a vital platform for the BGA to reach both businesses and consumers alike.”

“Additionally, we are thrilled to be hosting José Souto from Westminster Kingsway, Simon Wikinson and Tristan Kird from Lincolnshire Game, and Tom for a featured event at The Game Fair, to talk about whether there really is a game surplus in the UK, what game dealers are doing about it and examples of great game management from other countries, such as Alaska Seafood.”


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