Weekly Round-up: 30/03 - 03/04

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Last weeks news

Latest for farmers in Wales from Welsh Government

On 1st April Lesley Griffiths the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs published a press release stating that there are a series of emergency measures to support Welsh farmers during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak

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Coronavirus lockdown “could be a boon for nesting birds” – GWCT in The Telegraph

With many of us confined to our homes, much has been made of wildlife ‘returning’ to urban areas – mountain goats roaming the streets of Llandudno for example – but what of the British countryside they usually call home? Approached by The Telegraph for his thoughts, Mike Swan, our trusty head of education, gave this thoughts, s

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GWCT Advisory services in challenging times

Due to Coronavirus restricting GWCT advisory staff from visiting clients at a critical time of year for planning and undertaking work on farms and shoots, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know about our remote assistance services.

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Stoat trapping in Wales – delays in new licences

As you’ll see elsewhere, the new AIHTS legislation impacting stoat trapping comes into effect today, 1st April 2020 across the UK. However, unfortunately we are unable to direct members in Wales to the new Welsh stoat general licences as NRW have not yet made them available to the public,

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Foraging within the new rules

In early-spring, wild garlic runs rampant through the woods. It is a sight and smell to behold. A harbinger of another breeding season.

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‘Wildly inaccurate’ grey partridge figures – the BBC responds

The BBC have responded and removed the false information from the episode on their website and on BBC Sounds. They’ve also explained the situation,

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Natural England licensing update for stoats and birds

Natural England has published the General Licences for Stoats.

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Game Farmers – Key Advice from your Feed Supplier

With April being the time from which chicks are normally sold – and with many deposits already placed - we thought it would be helpful to give some advice to game farmers on what to look for in a good feed supplier, while highlighting the benefits of sound nutrition and diligent biosecurity practice.

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Gamekeeping during the coronavirus lockdown

The GWCT is fielding increasing numbers of calls from gamekeepers, and especially part-time amateurs, as to whether they should carry on their duties during the current coronavirus lockdown.

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