Promoting the PARTRIDGE Project

BBC at BalgonieGWCT Scotland is helping to run the PARTRIDGE project, part funded by the EU’s North Sea Region Interreg programme. This has ten demonstration farms across Scotland, England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, and in Scotland it is organised by Fiona Torrance.

Recently, Fiona managed to secure two key interviews, which have greatly increased the project’s exposure. The first was a podcast celebrating 30 years of the Interreg programme, which featured key projects from across the continent, demonstrating how we can work together to fight climate change and create a greener Europe. Fiona and farmer John Drysdale from Balgonie Estate explained why saving farmland biodiversity matters and how it can be done. The PARTRIDGE segment starts at 25 minutes in, or you can hear an excerpt below.

The second was BBC Radio Scotland’s Out of Doors programme, which you can listen to below.

Both give a great introduction to the aims of the project and what has been achieved to date, with some focus on how we survey grey partridge.

The video clip above shows a male grey partridge responding to a recording of another male, played to him in his territory. It is not unusual for them to approach like this as they search for the interloper!

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