Things to do this Spring

Things you can do online

  1. Lose yourself in a book - We have expanded our popular range of books available in the GWCT shop. As well as in-house bestsellers like The Moorland Balance, you can also pick up books by leading nature authors and support the GWCT at the same time. Browse the whole range at www.gwctshop.org.uk
  2. Enter the GWCT Julian Gardner awards - Open to amateur wildlifephotographers, submit your photos of the UK countryside – be it game, wildlife, habitat or the people who live and work there. Entries are open until 31 May 2020. For more information or to enter, please visit www.gwct.org.uk/photocompetition
  3. Send us your gamebag records - As the season has ended, please take the time to send in your gamebag records to the National Gamebag Census. The more data we receive, the better the summary trends that we produce. All records are strictly confidential. If you have historical data held in game books, do let us know. Find out more at www.gwct.org.uk/ngc or contact Corinne Duggins 01425 651012.

Things to do this season

  • SPRING FEEDING IS crucial to ensure your wild game and songbirds are fit and healthy heading into the breeding season. Feed until there’s plenty of natural food available, usually around May but sometimes as late as June.
  • EVERY EFFORT SHOULD be made to protect leftover birds from the season on your released bird shoot. Comprehensive predation control in the early spring is vital to produce wild stock and will also help to protect other farmland birds and hares in the breeding season.

  • ARE YOU UP to date with the changes to legislation affecting predation control in your country? Join our predation control courses across the UK to receive the latest training on predation control law and best practice to ensure you’re fully compliant and getting the best results for your efforts .

  • COULD YOU INCREASE the amount of non-woodland drives your shoot delivers? Start planning your game cover, making alterations or creating new drives. This could give you some early season shooting, resting the woodlands until later in the year and providing additional food and cover for other wildlife

Out and about this Spring

  • Create A to-do list of things to fix or improve for next season so you can make a plan for the summer
  • Get on top of your predation control, it will pay dividends later in the year

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