Latest gamebird releasing advice as GWCT guidelines updated


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With the gamebird releasing season in full swing, the GWCT is reminding all game managers operating on or within 500m of EU protected sites of the new requirement to inform Natural England of the number of gamebirds released and their location. Details of any relevant SSSI consent under which the activity is operating is also required.

Roger Draycott GWCT’s Director of Advisory commented: “If game managers are releasing gamebirds on and around European Protected Sites in England, they must ensure they follow the requirements of the new GL43.

Failure to report the release of 50 or more birds within one month of doing so could leave shoots at risk of prosecution or having the use of the general licence withdrawn.” GWCT is also reminding members of the legal requirement to complete the poultry register by those who keep more than 50 birds of a relevant type - which includes gamebirds. Details can be found here.

Roger Draycott continued “The Advisory dept have recently updated the GWCT’s sustainable gamebird releasing guidelines. These are relevant for all game managers releasing gamebirds and following these guidelines helps shoots ensure they are delivering a net biodiversity gain. These guidelines are supported by all the Aim to Sustain organisations and are embedded in The Code of Good Shooting Practice and the British Game Alliance standards”.

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