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By Sue Evans, GWCT Wales Director

The GWCT has produced this survey to capture your views on the importance of saving curlew in Wales.

The curlew population in Wales is believed to be down to an estimated 400 remaining pairs and could be extinct as a breeding population in Wales by 2033.

This is a bird which I remember from my childhood, particularly it’s haunting call down on the marsh but rarely do I hear it now.

As Welsh Government focusses its environmental policy and funds on landscape scale outcomes we believe that there is still a place to target conservation work towards single species such as the curlew.

We believe that people are passionate about the birds and wildlife on their farms and in their area. We think it is easier to focus on conservation for the purpose of helping a single species to thrive, which then has the knock-on effect of benefiting other species too.

Please spend just 5 minutes completing this short survey so that we can better understand and demonstrate to Welsh Government and NRW your preferences. Closing date is Friday 12th February.

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Yn Gymraeg

Mae GWCT wedi cynhyrchu'r arolwg yma i gasglu eich barn ar bwysigrwydd achub y gylfinir yng Nghymru.

Credir mai dim ond 400 o barau o’r gylfinir sy'n weddill ym mhoblogaeth Cymru. Y tebygolrwydd yw y bydd yn diflannu o Gymru erbyn 2033 fel poblogaeth fridio.

Mae’n aderyn rwy'n ei gofio o'm mhlentyndod, yn enwedig wrth ei glywed yn canu ar ein cors, ond anaml y byddaf yn ei glywed yn ddiweddar.

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at 18:16 on 18/01/2021 by kay jones

If you can forecast the extinction of the curlew in 22 year's, why aren't they doing enough, it should be protected under endangered species

Problem with off roaders

at 16:06 on 18/01/2021 by Phil Thomas

A major problem with all ground nesting birds is the amount of off road vehicles the police say they can't do anything about the problem although its illegal

Badgers and birds.

at 11:50 on 18/01/2021 by Rob Davies

I've noticed an increase in badger numbers, they are making their dens on the open hills/ranges in shake holes. They are so densely populated around here they are being forced further to look for alternative homes, There are grouse up on our hill but are diminishing. They are a fairly obvious bird to see but I worry that other bird species are being affected.


at 9:24 on 15/01/2021 by Timothy Thaw

I believe it high time the rspb and other groups dropped the politics and bias and focused on what the Curlew needs and if that means bring in shooting groups for advice so be it , after all the rspb doesn't have a problem wipeing out pests in Orkney


at 9:18 on 15/01/2021 by Thomas Emrys Jones

There used to be two pairs of breeding curlews on my small holding a few years ago until a family of badgers moved in and settled on my neighbours land, the said land is designated sssi and has not been disturbed by “ intensive farming” as some experts imply, since they moved into the area there are no more lapwings or oystercatcher either, very sad


at 9:14 on 15/01/2021 by C bonner

Pointles exercise until you regulate badger numbers who take ground nesting bird eggs

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