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Loddington Shoot 2

Allerton Project Shoot, Loddington

As spring marches on, our gamekeeper Matt Coupe has been continuing with our predator control programme as well as working on the creation of a new temporary pen to the southern side of the estate. This new pen will allow us to further reduce the stocking densities of our existing pens and further minimise the impact to local flora and fauna. Creating a small temporary pen has many benefits to a more sensitive area, including being easily moveable to fresh ground each year and being adaptable to where bird density needs focusing around drives.

Two of our drives will benefit directly from the placement of this new pen and will hopefully improve these drives during the season. We have also been continuing with an extended programme of supplementary bird feeding through late spring as well as some woodland work to improve pheasant habitat ready for autumn. With brighter days on the horizon and hope of a return to normality, we very much look forward to everyone joining us again.

GWSDF Auchnerran Shoot

The mixed species shoot days provide a great opportunity to walk across the farm and shoot a variety of species including pheasants, pigeons, woodcock, snipe, hare, duck and rabbits. As it is a wild shoot, the day can be somewhat challenging, but none the less a great experience. Unfortunately, we did not operate last season due to Covid-19 restrictions, however, a year off may prove beneficial for next season with an increase in wild pheasant numbers, especially as we had an improved pheasant feeder regime that was deployed across the farm. Feeders have been heavily utilised over the winter and this spring it is evident that we have a healthy number of strong fit cocks and hens.

The game crops also grew very well over the last season providing substantial amounts of winter forage and good cover. Game crops for this year will be sown very soon with an Alba mix provided by Kings Crops. Rabbit walked up and ferreting days also had to be cancelled, however, there is the intention to offer far more of these days over the upcoming winter. We hope to see oldand new faces back on the farm to take part in the shoot days and hopefully individuals can learn a little about the farm management and conservation during their day.

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