The outlook doesn't have to be grey for our partridges - Our letter to The Times

Grey Partridge Peter Thompson
Photo Credit: Peter Thompson

Melissa Harrison is right to highlight the hard work being undertaken to reverse grey partridge declines (Nature Notes, 17 May). Habitat loss for over 80 years, often incentivised by Government to increase food production, will not be reversed overnight but there is cause for hope.

Where good habitat and predation control have been adopted it is not just partridges that benefit, but our much-loved songbirds too. If future Government schemes reward farmers for these important contributions, we could see many more working for wildlife such as the grey partridge.

James Swyer, GWCT Press & Publications Manager

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Grey partridge/ the future.

at 11:25 on 21/05/2021 by Alayne Bowditch

One lives in hope that the new movement toward environmentally sustainable farming will produce results for Grey Partridge. E.L.M.S. Should help but a more general attitude change is definitely required.

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