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The days are getting shorter. There is a chill in the air. Shoot season is upon us.

Whether you are part of or manage a syndicate or larger shoot, it is vital at this time everything is organized for the smooth running of the shoot days. Full feeders and drinkers, predator control, carefully placed pegs and a smooth and sweeping drive mapped out for the beaters to deliver the best birds to the guns.

The MyFieldsports app specializes in the organization and management of your shooting and stalking activities and areas, allowing you, your syndicate, company, or family to manage the shoot, assign tasks, check feeders, and record bags and shots on a detailed and professional map, made entirely free of use for the benefit of the shooting community.

The shoot manager, syndicate members or keepers can keep a detailed record of activities done on the land, record the daily checking of traps and snares, accurately record the control of foxes and other predators, as well as track their activities and spread, keep a check on the level of feeders, drinkers and much more which will make the processes involved in having a successful shoot easier, safer, and more successful.

The data recorded is safely stored and will never be used for commercial reasons. The servers are in two highly secured locations, with 24/7 professional security personnel, which prevent data leaks and hacking. The data of you and your shoot are always private for you and whom you choose to share it with.

In order to protect shooting for future generations, the data collected from shoots can provide valuable political capital to be utilized by pro-shooting organizations such as the GWCT and BASC. Sharing data with these organizations will only ever be done with the express prior consent from users. Data and facts are what will protect shooting, and data collected on the rise in biodiversity on properly managed shoots and the increase in species abundance can easily be recorded and reported within the MyFieldsports app, as well the various other land management features which contribute to the management.

MyFieldsports was developed by dedicated shots and deer stalkers with years of experience shooting both at home and abroad, and has the long-term financial support to develop and improve for years to come. They are dedicated to providing the most useful tool for individual guns, stalkers, keepers, and syndicates.

However, your feedback is essential, and valued, to continue to improve, adapt and expand to create the most useful and diverse tool to manage the fields and forests of our countryside and thus help protect and preserve them.

MyFieldsports is available for download in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store, and a web-version will be launched in the coming weeks. Try it now by downloading and registering, completely for free. And don’t forget to let them know what you think, and how they can make the running of your shoot more organized, safer, and more successful!

For more information and collaboration information, please contact the Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tristan Breijer FRGS at tristan.breijer@hunterco.de

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