Video: Watch PhD Student Elli Rivers Discuss Her Vital Curlew Research

Elli Rivers, a PhD student working with the GWCT, has been studying curlew in the New Forest National Park. The breeding population of curlew is declining rapidly, and they are at risk of extinction within a decade. Watch the short video above to learn about Elli's fascinating work.

Please help Elli secure a future for the endangered curlew:


Lartington Moor Curlews

at 13:57 on 07/12/2023 by Peter Harle

Great to Read about Ellie’s work Would be grand to have a conversation with regard Towards my work on Lartington Moor Regards Peter Harle


at 12:20 on 07/12/2023 by Max Edwards

Thank you Elli for your great research work. Curlews have such a beautiful evocative call.

Amazing work

at 7:44 on 06/12/2023 by Roger Morgan-grenville

That’s inspirational work, Ellie. I really hope you get the results you are looking for in 2024.


at 20:05 on 05/12/2023 by Dr Ian Perry

We have a sizeable population of curlews on Restronguet Creek, Devoran, Cornwall, which have seemed very stable for the last 10yrs that I have been monitoring them.


at 18:20 on 05/12/2023 by Stephen Loquens

Growing up in South Warwickshire in the late 1950’s and early 60’s the sound of curlews as they nested in mowing grass was a familiar sound. As a country lad I was out and about at all hours of the day and very rarely saw or heard a fox. Recently we had three pairs of lapwings nesting in over wintered wheat but all nests were predated before hatching. Whether this was a fox which abound near me or crows, I can’t say, likewise all wild Grey partridge have also disappeared. I haven’t heard that classic call in over twenty years. There are definitely far more foxes about and I am convinced they are the main cause. Hopefully Ellie will go on to prove this and a humane way to reduce them .


at 14:54 on 05/12/2023 by Simon king

Outstanding work by Ellie on the new forest curlews and there predation by foxes, foxes have increased dramatically since the demise of gamekeepers, people feeding them in there gardens does not help either


at 14:43 on 05/12/2023 by patricia kings

i lovethe sound of the curlews when were kids they were everywhere


at 13:59 on 05/12/2023 by Fiona Drysdale

Brilliant work Elli. Did you work out or understand why you found so many just dead chicks? On a side note, I have just enjoyed a visit to Islay, it was a joy to see quite a few curlews, doing ok, they have no foxes or badgers on Islay which confirms your survey results on deaths so far.

Curlew Research

at 10:28 on 24/11/2023 by Rob Gould

It is a delight to see and hear the many Common Curlew on the managed grouse moors of northern England and the limited sightings in Suffolk but they are a species under threat of extinction in the UK. Elli Rivers gave an excellent presentation of her GWCT funded PhD Curlew Research which has already highlighted the importance of legal predator control in significantly improving curlew chick survival rates. I have very confidence that Elli will produce a well researched logic peer reviewed scientific PhD paper free of prejudice and emotion that will analyse the Curlew predicament and give undeniable proof of practical solutions.

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