Unlocking innovation: Defra's new initiative to boost agriculture and nature

In a bid to make the most out of research and development (R&D) spending on agriculture and nature, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has unveiled an exciting new initiative.

This initiative has the potential to revolutionise how innovation in agriculture and environmental sectors is approached. By supporting groundbreaking projects and fostering collaboration, this new approach could drive productivity, spur economic growth, and benefit both taxpayers and the environment.

Maximising returns: Defra's ambitious plan

  • Defra is launching an expert advisory group to explore ways to generate commercial returns for taxpayers from R&D and innovation spending.
  • The group will investigate various financing options, including the potential establishment of a dedicated fund.
  • Experts from academia, business, and finance are invited to apply to join the group.

Supporting innovation: why it matters

  • Defra's R&D budget helps develop new technologies and innovations, often through grants.
  • However, many organisations struggle to access finance for scaling up and commercialising their products or services.
  • This lack of funding can lead to missed opportunities and losing out to international competition.

The role of the Advisory Group

  • The Advisory Group will provide constructive challenge and explore different financing mechanisms.
  • These could include a dedicated fund, joint ventures, revenue-sharing arrangements, and licensing of intellectual property.
  • The aim is to support innovative projects while increasing value for taxpayers.

How you can get involved

  • Defra is seeking a Chair and seven members for the Advisory Group.
  • Interested candidates can apply for the Chair's role or to join the board before the midday deadline on Monday 3rd June.
  • The group will hold its inaugural meeting later this year, with a planned committee duration of three months.

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