The special one

White Blackbird 33333333

Not everything in life turns out as expected.

Hatching out as a white baby Blackbird does your chances of survival no good at all. Any self respecting predator will spot you a mile away.

But survive this "Whitebird" has, not just for a short while, but he is now into his second winter. Last summer he successfully paired up and raised young of his own - all of which turned out in a New Zealand coloured "all black" attire!

White Blackbird 2222

You might expect old Whitey to be picked on by the other Blackbirds - but by all accounts he rules the roost in these parts - that is the two gardens and a small bit of woodland at the other end of the Wiltshire village in which I live.

In fact I am amazed by how small a territory he uses - it cannot be much larger than a couple of acres.

He has quite rightly become a bit of a celeb in these parts and good luck to him. Along with a certain football manager - I think he believes that he is definitely "the special one"!

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at 9:33 on 17/01/2018 by W.B.Whitcher

It's always a special moment when these unusually attired birds are spotted. Over the years of working in the countryside I have been fortunate enough to see a white Mistle Thrush and a pure white Carrion Crow back at home in Lancashire . Most recently I have had seen a partially white Red Grouse on an estate I was working on. Great photos of the White Blackbird ......


at 9:40 on 05/01/2018 by james cross

Hi, Peter: we had a white bird in the garden too, not speckled but either black or white. He survived for about three years, and was also the king blackbird around.Your picture is better than the ones I got! Best wishes, James.

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