The GIS (Geographical Information Systems) team is involved in all aspects of spatial data within the Trust. In addition to spatial data analysis, the team is also responsible for running the Partridge Count Scheme, which forms the basis of the Trust’s work in regard to its duties as the lead partner for the Grey Partridge Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). The team working on grey partridge ecology focus on overwinter dispersal and re-introduction.

Julie Ewald Neville Kingdon Ryan Burrell
Dr Julie Ewald
Head of GIS
Neville Kingdon
Partridge Count
Scheme Co-ordinator
Ryan Burrell
Biometrics/GIS Assistant
Sean Elliott  Anna Jones  Peter Wood
Sean Elliott
IT Placement Student
 Anna Jones
Placement Student
 Peter Wood
Placement Student

The department is involved with GIS data entry and analysis in support of various projects, especially associated with the grey partridge and our national Partridge Count Scheme project, radio tracking grey partridges, and data entry and analysis of the information collected through radio tracking.

Current projects

  • Partridge Count Scheme: Nationwide monitoring of grey and red-legged partridge abundance and breeding success (1933-ongoing)
  • Sussex Study: Long-term monitoring of partridges, weeds, invertebrates, pesticides and land use on the South Downs in Sussex (1968-ongoing)

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