Mobile app recording

With increasing emphasis on demonstrating good practice and the likely introduction of payment by results across the farming and rural management sector, collating relevant information is becoming very important. Evidence-gathering is now within our grasp through mobile apps.

GWCT Scotland first started using the Epicollect5 app at our demonstration farm in Aberdeenshire to maintain predator control and habitat management data. This type of information-gathering paved the way for thinking about how we can further equip keepers and land managers with a simple, effective tool to record a variety of management information.

We now offer a range of best practice recording options for use by farms and estates throughout Scotland. Using the Epicollect5 platform, we can provide keepering and management teams with an easy-to-use method to collect and maintain records on muirburn, predator control and key species (e.g. raptors, wader and mountain hare), as well as grouse and deer management. This is aimed at helping estates fulfil basic due diligence and evidence requirements, which will be required for future licence applications and accreditation in Scotland.

Apps can produce a wealth of information and our skilled advisors have extensive experience working with estates and engaging with NatureScot. This puts us in the best possible position to deliver a product that is fit for purpose and allows us to help you get full use from your data through access to expert analysis and reporting.

As all our recording packages are bespoke, we can help work out your requirements and put in place a recording package to suit your needs.

For more information contact Hugo Straker (, 07713 074147),  Nick Hesford (, 07896 006332 ) or Ross MacLeod (

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