Lead ammunition



Q: Where does lead come from?
A: Lead is a metal that we produce from naturally occurring lead ore.

Q: How much lead is produced each year worldwide?
A: Between 8 and 10 million tonnes. Half of this comes from recycled scrap and half is mined.

Q: At our current rate of mining, how long will the world’s lead deposits last?
A: It is estimated at 42 years.

Q: Why do we need quite so much lead?
A: Batteries. 75-80% of lead produced is used to make car batteries and backup batteries for computer
and telecommunications networks.

Lead shot

Q: How much of the lead produced is used as ammunition, compared to other uses?
A: 3%.

Q: Why do we use lead for ammunition?
A: Ever since the invention of firearms, lead has been the metal of choice for bullets and shotgun pellets.
Guns and rifles were designed with this ammunition in mind. Lead has properties that give the
projectiles good range and penetration.

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