Phone and Video Consultancy Services

Despite coronavirus restricting GWCT Advisory staff from visiting clients at a critical time of year for planning and undertaking work on farms and shoots, we offer a range of remote assistance services.

While shoot management is easiest to review in person on site, these are extraordinary times, and we believe a great deal of help and practical advice can be offered either over the phone or even via video calling someone out on the ground using smartphones. Whether you would like upland or lowland advice in any of the four corners of the UK, we have an advisor who can help.

  • Phone consultancy fee: £45/half hour plus VAT (This is invoiced after the appointment and notes have been completed.)
  • Brief session notes (if required): Free of charge
  • Full bound report: £130 plus VAT
  • GWCT fact sheets: free of charge

Remote assistance topics available:

  • Predator control strategy and new generation trap and housing designs.
  • Predator control record keeping.
  • Release pen design and management.
  • Agri-environment scheme management for game and wildlife.
  • Woodlands for game. Flushing points, ride management, etc.
  • Husbandry of released gamebirds – food, water, infrastructure design and management.
  • Enhancing the environmental benefits of game management activities.
  • Pond creation and management.
  • Medicated grit strategies.
  • Muirburn plan preparation (mapping).

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