Biodiversity and Environmental Training for Advisors (BETA) Certificate in Conservation Management

Effective environmental management of rural landscapes and farmland is becoming as important as Environmental Land Management (ELM) evolves.

The BETA Certificate in Conservation Management is relevant to agronomists, farmers, land agents, estate owners and conservation advisors. Participants, once qualified, will be able to advise, initiate and direct effective conservation management for profitable, sustainable land management.

You can view the syllabus here >

BETA course
The course sets environmental land management in a commercial context
with practical demonstrations on the Allerton Project’s 320-hectare farm.

Visitor Centre
The modern eco-friendly Visitor Centre provides the venue for the course.


£713-£920 (full details and discounts sent with booking form). Please note: the exam is online.

Course dates

  Course Exam
February 2021 16-19 February 25 February
April 2021 6-9 April 15 April
June 2021 22-25 June 1 July
November 2021 23-26 November 2 December

Course content

Core course content covers four key areas over three full days: modules 1 to 4 plus the agricultural specialism, module 5. In addition, the environmental specialism is a separate one-day course, module 6.


  1. Farmland, Wildlife & Habitats – Conservation & Improvement
  2. Farming and the Wider Environment
  3. Soil Management
  4. Water & Environmental Protection
  5. Agricultural Specialism
    a) Pollinators and predatory insects
    b) Soil biology
    c) Pest management
  6. Environmental Specialism focuses on management of the natural environment for both conservation and highlights benefits within farming systems
    a) Pest and predator identification skills
    b) Landscape management planning
    c) Habitat structure

Practical hands-on demonstrations are a key component of this course.

Details of the course, the individual modules and the full syllabus can be obtained here. No other qualifications are needed prior to attending this course.

Contact details

For more information or to book, please contact the Allerton Project team on or 01572 717220.

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