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Open Farm SundayWe get many visitors to the Allerton Project, and this is just a sample of the comments we get back.

“Work by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust at Loddington has shown that changes to the management of field margins and set-aside land can bring back a significant amount of lost biodiversity to arable land without negative impact on profitable agricultural performance or good management.”

“The Allerton Project has been spectacular. Everything from whitethroats to brown hares, from harvest mice to yellowhammers has boomed”.

“We want to apply the lessons of the Allerton Project nationally to make sure the decline in species like the song thrush is reversed.”

“It was most interesting to learn of the work of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust and to see it in action on the farm and hopefully make some improvements for the benefit of local wildlife. However, this does have to balance with making a farm pay its way as you most ably demonstrated.”

“Your enthusiasm, expertise and openness kept us all spellbound for the duration of the day.”

“It was a very enjoyable day and I found it extremely interesting and informative to see the work being done by the project.”
“An interesting, informative and enjoyable day at the Allerton Project. I found it amazing, just what you are doing at Loddington.”

“As always, I learned something new.”

“It is a delight to look around a farm that appears to be ‘tidy’, well run, profitable and yet accommodating a wide breadth of fauna and flora, including game species.”

“It was a fascinating insight into the practical research being adopted.”

“There was a spokesman on Radio 4 about the decline in songbirds on farms – I don’t think he has been to Loddington and clearly needs to do so.”

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