New GWCT Fisheries report published

Fisheries Report 2015The GWCT Fisheries team are pleased to announce that their 2015 research report has been published and is available to download now.

The report encompasses the team’s important work on the River Frome and beyond, including:

  • River Frome salmon population - adult and juvenile salmon estimate
  • Migratory trout - finding out more about sea trout 
  • Hydropower effects on migratory fish
  • MorFish closing conference 
  • Are salmon parr lengths changing? 
  • Wylye Grayling Study: floods and recruitment 
  • Ranunculus in chalkstreams 
  • Effect of flow on salmon redd distribution 
  • Flow reduction: what, why and how 
  • Do beaver dams impact salmonid migration?

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