First salmon using new tag returns after 14 months

By Rasmus Lauridsen, Fisheries Scientist

During the summer of 2014 we replaced our old PIT detection equipment and in September 2014 we tagged the first salmon parr with our new tags. Last week we had the first salmon return from sea with one of our new tags.

Fish On Camera

This salmon was tagged upstream of Dorchester on the 10th of September 2014 as 99 mm long and it was detected leaving River Frome as a smolt on the 30th of April 2015.

After nearly 14 months travelling the Atlantic this salmon was recorded returning to the Frome on June 17th where it was first recorded at East Stoke at 22:33 and then 2 hours later at Bindon Mill 2.8 km upstream of East Stoke.

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Salmon numbers dropping

at 10:21 on 29/06/2016 by Ailsa Farrand

Could there be a link in declining numbers - particularly in the Avon and it's tributaries in this area because of the present practice of dumping thousands of tonnes of rejects, clay and hoggin into the tributaries and the Avon to increase flooding. A specialist fish vet has been monitoring streams treated in this way and the preliminary findings are that the temperatures may be too high for salmonoids due to the shallower waters, there is no food as trees and shrubs have been removed and no protection from predation. The ph of the water is being altered with the imported foreign materials.

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