Can you help our grey partridge?

by Neville Kingdon, Partridge Count Scheme coordinator

Grey Partridge Count Scheme

The latest report on the State of UK birds paints another depressing picture as our farmland birds continue to do badly. This includes Britain’s wild grey partridge, the very emblem of the GWCT, a once familiar farmland bird who’s numbers are dwindling across the UK.

Now our remaining wild greys desperately need greater action from farmers, land managers and keepers who have greys and who can make a big difference by getting involved in our Partridge Count Scheme.

Our research has established the reasons for the partridge decline. Crucially, we have established practical solutions that can restore their numbers, as demonstrated by our recovery projects and winners of regional grey partridge trophies.

Grey partridge recovery can be achieved, but we need a much greater area of farmland applying these conservation actions needed to help wild greys recover more widely.

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The bonus is that the wild grey partridge, as a flagship indicator species, is a great barometer of wider farmland biodiversity. What’s good for greys is also good for much more in our countryside, especially other struggling farmland birds.

We urge you to get involved with the Partridge Count Scheme. It is not just another bird count, it is a management tool for improving the conservation efforts for grey partridge.

As well as showing if numbers go up or down, the site specific results help those involved to better understand why this is happening, at what time of the year and helps remove the guesswork of what can be improved.

If you have greys, whether a pair or 10, make 2016 the year you do more for your greys by joining the Partridge Count Scheme and give a few hours to help us learn more. If you aren’t able to help yourself but know others who have greys, please forward this email to them.

When it comes to wild greys, every one counts - Join the #PartridgeCount today.

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