New Game Fair announced for June

Field & Country FairTime Inc. UK, publishers of several sporting titles including The Field, Shooting Gazette, Shooting Times, Sporting Gun, Country Life and Horse & Hound, have announced that they will be running a new event in June that celebrates the British countryside and field sports.

Taking place at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire, the Field & Country Fair will run from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th June.

Jonathan Young, editor of The Field, said: “It will be an authentic, hands-on, very British show combining the best equipment, accessories and luxury products, from food to clothing. Activities will include shooting, dogs and fishing and of course the chance to try and buy the best guns and kit on the planet. Above all, it will be a proper country event run by, and for, people who live and breathe the rural life.”

The Field & Country Fair is the latest event of this kind to be announced for next summer, alongside the UK Game Fair at Stoneleigh Park (22nd-24th July) and The Game Fair at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire (29th – 31st July).

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at 15:46 on 11/05/2016 by JAY THOMPSON

I UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS BACK WELL DONE YOU. SOMEHOW THE CLA JUST LOST IT'S WAY AND OUR COUNTRY GAME FAIR BECAME A GARDEN SHOW................... looking for ward to the gundog pavilion and chatting to owners. LOVE IT!

New Gamefair for June

at 8:49 on 13/01/2016 by Richard West

Ridiculous - all this does is serve to dilute the brand and undoubtedly make it harder to run a show profitably, in a busy events season, which was the problem in the first place. Put egos aside for the benefit of those who actually support the sector financially and pull together to deliver one really good show.

new game fair

at 9:41 on 16/12/2015 by john keen

with the number of fairs currently scheduled for June / July next year and with only a limited number of attendances available there's going to be at least one if not more that will be making a loss. Get together guys and lets have one good big fair that will make a profit and be enjoyed by everyone.

Game fair

at 20:51 on 15/12/2015 by Jeffrey brown

This is ridiculous, another game/country fair. For goodness sake join together and make one good one. I know which one I will support and it will be Ragly hall

New gamefair for June

at 10:18 on 15/12/2015 by Stephen Smith

When the CLA announced that the game fair was no longer a viable event for them to run I recall reading in Shooting Times that one of the reasons was declining footfall attributed to there being too many Game Fairs in the season. Do we really need another fair to compound the problem, especially in June so close to the main event?

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