Allerton Project wins Rural Business Award

We’re proud to announce that our Allerton Project was among the winners at the recent Rural Business Awards, scooping the prize for the Best Rural Construction Project.

Allerton Project Visitor Centre

This is taken from the Rural Business Awards website:

“The Allerton Project, on the Loddington Estate in Leicestershire, involved the transformation of a redundant brick built cattle shed with an asbestos roof into a thriving, carbon neutral visitor and training community centre.

Part of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, project leaders secured more than £400,000 to complete the task, which involved an impressive array of innovative environmental techniques, including 500 straw bales and sheep’s wool for insulation, fencing made from the estate’s own recycled agricultural plastics, a rainwater harvesting system for the toilets, photovoltaic cells on the roof for power, and a fully automated biomass heating system using thinnings from the farm’s hedgerows.

The end result was a building that helped boost visitor numbers from 400 a year to 3,300, and is used by local groups such as the WI and a local traditional spinning school.”

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