Game Fair Update

The Game FairNew investors have secured the future of The Game Fair, keeping the existing team together. This means the event will still take place at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire on 29th – 31st July 2016.

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Countryman Fairs had announced that they would be hosting the Great British Game Fair at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, but on 28th October issued a statement saying they had decided not to in light of the Ragley Hall show now going ahead.

Meanwhile, Blaize Publishing intend to run the UK Game Fair at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

Another event, the Town and Country Game Fair is also due to be confirmed shortly.

We'll be sure to share any news as soon as we get it. 

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Game Fair

at 10:58 on 01/11/2015 by Kevin Byrne

How can a team who have operated at a loss for three years be seen as credible to organise anther game fair? The bigger the members enclosure and the added benefits the more the general public was alienated. Too many incompetent Hugos and Fionas playing at being in business.

Game Fair

at 8:18 on 28/10/2015 by Pete hutton

This needs sorting quickly, there seems to be a bit of an ego trip going on here. It seems that the various organisations have rushed out a press release without doing their homework or engaging their brains. The anchor exhibitors need to get together with the 3 organisations, behind closed doors & tell them which fair they intend to support, once this has been done the unsupported organisations should withdraw. Not only is it not feasible to hold 3 game fairs on the same weekend, there are other pressures from concerts & other festivals. I have not read the press releases from the 2 latest organisations to throw their hat in the ring but, the concept for the fair at Belvoir seems to be well thought out.

Game fair 2015

at 19:16 on 27/10/2015 by Andrew pea

I went to the game fair this year and I was very disappointed in it there wer very few fishing stalls and the ones that where there wher all fly fishing .also very few stands selling game keepering equipment ,but fuirniture and other equipment with nothing to do with game keeping and country sports there was plenty of if I wanted to c these things I can go to a market or shops in a town or city . Won't b going to any more game fairs totally disappointed

Game Fair future secured

at 13:07 on 27/10/2015 by Rob Beeson - GWCT

Announcement on 27th October by Tony Wall, Game Fair Director: "We are delighted to announce the continuation of The 58th Game Fair at Ragley Hall 29th - 31st July 2016, with the existing team intact who will produce the most celebrated annual event for the countryside. We hope you will join us in ensuring this prestigious showcase grows in strength over the coming years and we will be in touch shortly." http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=ebf4309631d5a381ae2834217&id=57d715cace&e=404a8583d9


at 12:12 on 27/10/2015 by Geoffrey Hayward

The CLA fair was too big and did not cater fully for the country sports people,also too much tat,if people want garden furniture they will go to a garden centre the same goes for all the other add-ons-lets have a fair for country people!

Game Fairs

at 11:42 on 27/10/2015 by Casey

Why do so many people commenting care if there is one or two? Can the UK handle two or four or ten game fairs. I don't pretend to know. I know we have strong interest in the countryside. And there is plenty of demand. Also, what is this 'poor country folk' mantra?..the fair was expensive. I thought worth it otherwise I would not have gone...which is exactly what I did the last couple of years. I thought it got too expensive (certainly with travel) for me, so did not attend the last couple of years. And thus played a small part (with my monetary vote) in their eventual bankruptcy. I don't know what a 'sensible' price is. They obviously didn't charge enough or were poor at keeping costs down.. as they went bankrupt. The new fair(s) will hopefully be better and more lean and run more efficiently...and profitable. If not, they will fail and something else will replace them. There is the demand..we love our countryside. Someone will balance the supply well enough as there is a reward waiting for them. We'll get there in the end...but don't pretend to have all the answers.

Game Fairs

at 11:23 on 27/10/2015 by john keen

What on earth is going on ? Countryman Fairs have the expertise and track record of running this type of event. What qualifications does a publishing company bring to the table ? One or other is taking the risk of bankrupting itself. I agree with the previous comment, get together folks, this is not a competition !

game fairs

at 10:47 on 27/10/2015 by ian renton

From a former trade stand exhibitor they need to get this right for once. The trade stand prices and costs for the public to get in were crazy money. It was totally geared towards the rich but failed miserably so dont lets see the same thing happening again ...


at 10:29 on 27/10/2015 by Shaun

Has common sense gone on holiday ? If the CLA can't make one fair pay, how are two on the same weekend going to work ? The traders, manufacturers etc won't do two so one fair will be good the other bad or worse case both will be rubbish? Get together fast and join forces !

Game Fair

at 10:19 on 27/10/2015 by Ken Jarratt

Great to see the Game Fair is continuing but 2 are not necessary - just keep it to 1 - keep the prices low for traders and public. Stoneleigh is ideal - very central. A permanent site perhaps ?

Game Fairs

at 10:07 on 27/10/2015 by Michael Stirk

Seems dead crazy to anyone with any common sense to stage 2 major game fairs on the same week end within 60 or 70 miles of each other. I have grave doubts as to whether either will make any profit or get the numbers or stands of people they would wish for!

Game Fair

at 15:47 on 23/10/2015 by james edgar

Great that these are happening, but why two? If the Game Fair is to be recreated, why dont both organisations get together and have one big fair at Stoneleigh and make it a permanent venue - the infrastructure is there. Keep prices sensible, both for the customers and exhibitors - dont keep it exclusively for people with loadsa money, the ordinary country folk need a lookin too!

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