Top 5 things to do this autumn

The weather may still feel distinctly summery but we are now in October and there is work to be done...

Things to do in autumn

1. Help grey partridges

This magnificent gamebird forms breeding pairs around Christmas time, moving to the edges of fields to establish a nesting territory they become at risk from predation.

Ensuring you have sufficient tall vegetation such as tussocky grasses or wild bird cover on margins in late winter is vital for reducing predation.

2. Undertake woodland management

Woodland management is critical for preserving biodiversity and holding game birds such as pheasant and woodcock. Creating sunny areas such as rides and skylights is important winter work.

3. Position winter feeding hoppers

By this time of year, feeders should be concentrated in the areas where game is needed for shoot days. Grouping hoppers in clusters can reduce the likelihood of dominant cock pheasants excluding others from food whilst keeping game near flushing points.

4. Help prevent parasites

Gape worms are a common problem for game birds. Moving your hoppers just a few yards to fresh ground on a regular basis has been proven to reduce worm burdens.

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