Guest blog by Grulla Armas

For decades, the master gunsmiths at Grulla Armas in Eibar, located in the north of Spain, have made unique pieces that are true works of art.


From the magnificent weapons that have emerged from the workshops of Eibar, some stand out among the others. There are times in which the details make the difference, and at Grulla Armas we are experts in caring up to the last detail.

Our shotguns and rifles are not simply an example of extraordinary quality, but are aristocratic guns, which represent the purest spirit of traditional hunting.

Our origin dates back to 1932, when five of the best master gunsmiths at that time joined to create a workshop that today, eighty years later, continues with the same artisan methods developing some of the best shotguns and rifles in the world.


Over time we have improved our product and refined the guns we produce. We have focused on enhancing Grulla's reputation as a maker of the best guns in the English tradition, making only true sidelock side by side´s and double rifles, the standard of excellence in the Basque country of northern Spain.

Today Grulla is recognized both in Spain and internationally for the quality and excellence of our shotguns and rifles and pricing is comparable to equivalent models from the remaining other top Basque gunmakers.

Compared to the prices of American, British and Italian best guns, Grulla Armas shotguns are still a bargain.

A new generation of craftsmen at Grulla Armas has renewed the commitment of quality and service that our brand has always offered, and we want to demonstrate the passion for our work with the skill and experience to create each piece.


We manufacture totally handcrafted high quality guns, made to the specifications of each customer. We can build whatever the customer wants in terms of custom features, engraving, checkering and/or stock carving, dimensions, barrel material, type of rib and more extras.

We build many bespoke guns, some in multi-barrel sets or matched pairs or trios. Upgraded wood, special stock dimensions, barrel lengths, chokes, skeleton butt plates and recoil pads are probably the most common options.

Grulla shotguns are individual works of art.

The objective of Grulla is now the same as 80 years ago: to make unique guns, pieces that their owners can always show proudly.

Anybody who owns a Grulla knows what we are talking about.

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